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ITAG Business Solutions Ltd.

About ITAG

ITAG Business Solutions Ltd. implies innovation, technology, advancement gateway. ITAG provides end to end solutions from the stage of conceiving the idea to creating IP assets. It has a comprehensive outlook towards building a strong IP eco system from creation to protection to enforcement to commercialization with a in build IP awareness program at all levels through it is expert team of technical legal, financial and commercial experience.

ITAG is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in the domain of all IP services, being Patent, Trademark, Design, Copy Rights, Trade Secrets and IP management services. ITAG provide consultancy for inventions and identification to filing, prosecution, enforcement, litigation support and commercialization. ITAG implies Innovation Technology Advancement Gateway. We help drafting of licensing agreement, technology transfer and meet the gap between Invention and Investment. We bring together Research Institutions and the Industry. ITAG combines efficiency, low cost and quality service.

We render to our Indian clients an array of solutions and services that meet their wide demands and enable them to optimize their global IPR posture. ITAG work flow processes include three basic principles of Quality, Speed and Cost Efficiency in addition to maintaining moral and ethical business practices with the support of experienced Ph.D scholars, scientists, patent agents as well as skilled specialists from institutions such as Delhi Univ., Calcutta Univ. and IIT-Kharagpur among others.