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Copyright provides exclusive right(s) to the author(s) for their literary and artistic works. The main objective of such protection is to encourage and reward creative work. Copyright protects the form of ideas and NOT the idea itself. The protection in copyright shall subsist through out the lifetime of the author plus 60 years beginning from the next calendar year from the year of his/her demise.
Copyright as provided by the Indian Copyright Act 1957 is also valid  in the country abroad as India is a member of  international conventions such as Berne Convention etc. on copyright and neighbouring (related) rights.
Copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, cinematographic work and sound recording such as

  • Books, poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, Title of the books/Movies, Advertisement slogan, Question, Papers, Panchang, Catalogues, Compilations, News, Letters, Questionnaire, Lectures, Computer Programmes, Databases, Literary work involved in a work which is used or is capable of being used in relation to any goods    etc. under Literary work.
  • a painting, a sculpture, a drawing (including a diagram, map, chart or plan), an engraving, a photograph, an architectural work of art, Artistic work involved in a work (Logo/Device) which is used or is capable of being used in relation to any goods etc. under Artistic work.

  • any graphical notation of the music etc. under Musical work
  • Drama, theatre etc. under Dramatic work
  • Feature film, Documentary, Video, TV film etc . under Cinematographic work.       

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  • Registration of Copyrights
  • Drafting Deed of Assignment and Licensing Agreement
  • Litigation Support 


Apple Inc., the consumer electronics giant has sued Motorola Mobility Inc. in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, claiming that its iPhone 4S is protected under a license agreement from Qualcomm Inc. Apple is attempting to defend against future injunctions from Motorola. Apple claimed protection from such court orders because of its rights as a customer of Qualcomm, whose chips are licensed by Motorola


Rambus Inc., one of the world's foremost technology licensing companies and NVIDIA, the leader in visual and parallel computing, have signed a patent license agreement covering a broad range of integrated circuit products.

The agreement the term of which is five years covers the use of Rambus patented innovations in a broad range of integrated circuit (IC) products offered by NVIDIA. The two companies have settled all outstanding disputes, including resolution of disputes relating to use of Rambus' patented innovations..


Universal Pictures International France and Ors have filed a copyright infringement case against the producers of the film 'The Jodi Breakers', Prasar Visions Pvt Ltd in the Bombay High Court. In their suit the co-producer of Heartbreakers and a part of American entertainment company NBC Universal Inc have sought a compensation of Rs 50 crore.